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Chemistry 30
Prerequisite:  Physical Science 20, Math Pre-Calculus 20 or Foundations 30 is also recommended

che30.jpgPrerequisite: Physical Science 20 (although this credit is required, the specific outcomes from that course that will be built on are the chemistry ones which include naming compounds and writing formulas, balancing equations, and stoichiometry)


Description: The main units of study include a review of the chemistry covered in PSC20, chemical equilibrium, including solutions and acid -base chemistry, electrochemistry, and organic chemistry/ material science. Students will complete an independent study unit to investigate various Chemistry phenomena, based off of their interests with the goal of learning more about the chemistry in the world around them. This course requires a strong understanding of the Physical Science 20 Chemistry learning outcomes, as well as a solid foundation in math skills.  Students will have a variety of resources for learning material, including websites, videos, guided interactive demonstrations for many of the concepts replaces the hands-on labs, live group sessions as well as their teacher to help the student to reach their goals.


Textbook: a digital copy will be made available as an additional resource.  The textbook used is Pearson Chemistry