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Chemistry 20

Prerequisite: Science 10;  Math 20 is strongly recommended

Description: In this class students will explore the structure and changes of matter. Topics include the periodic table, the mole concept, chemical equations and stoichiometry, solutions, and atomic structure.

Required Textbook: The Chemistry 20 text (shown on right) can be purchased from:
Central Resource Centre
Saskatoon Public Schools
      3rd floor
      310 - 21st Street East
Addison-Wesley Chemistry 1992
ISBN 0-201-60202-4

Additional Requirements:
Email that handles attachments
Current Browser - Java enabled
Current Versions of: Flash Player, Quick Time, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Powerpoint Viewer
Access to high speed internet
Word Processor that saves as .doc or .rtf
Access to a fax machine or scanner (ability to scan to PDF format