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Physical Science 20

Pre-requisites: Science 10 is required, strong math skills from math pre-calculus 10 or math foundations 10 is highly recommended.  A 20 level math is advantageous but not required.


Description:  The three main areas of this course are Chemistry, Physics and Heat. A good understanding of the ideas presented in Science 10 chemistry is needed as this course will continue from there, then introduce the concept of the mole and deal with stoichiometric calculations. Thermal Energy and Heat and its involvement in chemical and physical processes will be studied. The role of waves in transferring energy in our environment will be studied with an emphasis on visible light and its interaction with matter.


Required Textbooks: none are required for the online course.  All materials will be presented inside the course.


Additional Requirements:

  • Daily access to email and internet
  • Word processing software
  • Ability to make/scan PDF documents (free apps are available)
  • Ability to print documents is very useful but not completely necessary