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Digital Graphic Design 20 (Graphic Arts 20) (Coming Fall 2022)
This course in graphic design will focus on how to arrange colour, text, lines, and images in a visually pleasing manner. Our goal in this course will be to develop skills manipulating these elements in raster and vector forms using industry software, and to create interesting and engaging graphic design products, advertisements, and packaging.

The course will be hands-on in nature and focused upon skill-building. We will work mostly within open-source suites of software, with emphasis on developing skill with Krita/Gimp, Inkscape, Publisher, and Blender.

We will be using Scratch, Reeborg the Robot, and Python to introduce you to object-oriented programming and project design.  These programs all have educational or open source versions and can be found and downloaded online for free.

Required Textbook:  There is no textbook for this course.

Additional Requirements:

A laptop or PC with the ability to install open-source software is required for this course.