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Accounting 20

Description:  This course is an expansion of Accounting 10. Students will continue to learn the skills and processes required to record and analyze the financial records while now dealing with a merchandizing business.

Topics Covered: Topics include merchandise accounting, specialized journals and subsidiary ledgers, making basic adjustments in asset and liability accounts, developing worksheet and financial statements, payroll, depreciation, handling of bad debts and sales tax.

Required Textbook:acct-text.jpg
This course requires a hard copy of the accounting textbook. 

Century 21 Accounting – Anniversary Edition
ISBN 0-538-43524-0

Part-time online students can get this textbook from their
home school, full-time online students can pick up this textbook
from the Online Learning Centre.

Additional Requirements:
E-Mail - that handles attachments (preferably not Hotmail)
Daily access to a current computer with an internet connection
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Word Processor Software {Preferred Software - Microsoft Office}
Spreadsheet Program {Preferred Software – Microsoft Excel}
Access to a scanner or cell phone and ability to scan to PDF format