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Online Learning Secondary
Inspiring Learning
Career and Work Exploration A30/B30

Saskatoon Public Schools Online Secondary Learning is excited to offer Career Work Experience to any SPS student!  Theory course work will be delivered through Blackboard, an online learning management system.  Students will spend time reflecting on their own beliefs about work while  learning about workplace standards, prevention and hazards, and psychological safety in the workplace. They will explore the ways in which work is changing to adapt to the world as well as the way in which the world is impacting how we work.

Our amazing teacher will meet virtually and in person with SPS students to help find suitable locations where optimal and engaging work placements will provide an opportunity to gain workplace experience, explore post grad pathways and possibly gain some apprenticeship hours. These experiences are usually scheduled from 1-4 PM with some flexibility based on the business and the students' schedules. Students will use their classroom learning and hands on experience to gather and organize and present a portfolio that illustrates their skills, interests and experience. Students are responsible for transportation to and from their work placement.