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Intergenerational Classroom
Inspiring Learning
A Partnership between Sherbrooke Community Centre
and Saskatoon Public Schools
Application Process

Applications for the 2020-21 iGen class will be available beginning in March 2020. The application forms can be found on the How Do I Apply? page where they can be filled and submitted electronically.

Who may apply to be a part of this experience for their Grade 6 year?

***Grade 5 students who are currently enrolled in a Saskatoon Public School***
  • Grade 6 students who are open to an experience which is based on forming relationships with Elders (Elders is a term used to describe the residents of Sherbrooke; anyone who has something to teach us and we can learn from is considered an Elder.)
  • Grade 6 students who desire to become part of a community which offers diverse places, spaces, and interactions for learning.
  • Grade 6 students who have an interest in community and global projects and are inspired by service work opportunities such as Me to We.

Why is this good for Grade 6 students?

  • This is a learning adventure and an opportunity for students who are seeking a new challenge at this age
  • With extended families living distances apart, generations may not have an opportunity to learn from each other; children will practice relating to and caring for Elders
  • Students will develop their social emotional skills for forming healthy relationships in their life
  • Leadership and independent inquiry are foundational objectives of this classroom
  • Learners who benefit from diverse settings, hands-on experiences and place-based education will study beyond classroom walls
  • Children will have more opportunities to work one-on–one with engaged adults which will invite mentorship relationships to form
"Social Emotional Learning offers education, families, and communities relevant strategies and practices to better prepare students for the 'tests of life' not a 'life of tests'" (Kim Schonert- Reichl, University of British Colombia)

Characteristics of an iGen Student

  • a community peacemaker- displays kindness and respect at all times
  • "helper" instinct- caregiver in their nature
  • motivated to do things independently and manage their assignments
  • ability to work in groups with flexibility and openness
  • responsible for their own behaviour
  • motivated to connect with other people- smile, initiate conversation
  • confidence when communicating
  • risk taking- responding to changes and transitions without getting stuck
  • trustworthy individual who is able to be a guest in the Sherbrooke home as well as a host for visitors to the community

Our Selection Process

The iGen selection committee consists of people from different sectors and perspectives. The committee consists of Saskatoon Public Schools and Sherbrooke Community Center staff connected to the iGen program, as well as a former parent and community member with knowledge of the iGen program. Once the date for application has passed, the selection committee gathers all of the applications and reviews them. During the initial review, the student's name and identifying information is removed from their application in order to ensure equal consideration for all applicants.

Each person on the selection committee reviews every application thoroughly. All of the applications are assessed based on how the application embodies the characteristics of an iGen student, as described above. Members of the selection committee meet several times during the process in order to select the applicants who best embody the characteristics of an iGen student.

Teacher references are an important part of the process. In addition to the confidential written teacher reference, teachers may be contacted by a member of the selection committee if more information is needed.

Based on a thorough review of the applications and references, all students who demonstrate that they can be successful in the iGen program are entered into an anonymous lottery. The committee selects the total number students for the iGen program from the lottery. All students who have applied to the program are notified via letter and email informing them of the committee's decision. The goal of the selection committee is to communicate with all applicants by the end of May.