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Parent Portal FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about our School Community (Parent) Portals, include:

When contacting us, please provide the following technical details: 
  • Type of computer you are using (e.g., Macintosh, Windows)
  • Type of internet access you are using (e.g., Shaw High speed, SaskTel High speed)
  • Type of internet Browser you are using and what version (e.g., Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari)
  • Your username.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

I have not been given my account details. Where do I find these?

Accounts are created and updated daily, during which time the details are sent to parents by email. Only one parent or caregiver per student will receive the email, so both parents/caregivers need to check their email for the notice. Please check your spam folder and ensure that the email address is allowed to be emailed you.


I have forgotten my username or password. What can I do?

When first logging in, you will see a sign-in screen similar to this:


Towards the bottom of this screen there is an option for retrieving your username or password. Clicking on the HERE link will allow you to request your username to be emailed to you or allow you to request that your password be reset.


Neither parent/caregiver have received the account details email. How can I create an account?

Account creation cannot happen without current, accurate information in our systems. Parents/caregivers need to verify their contact details are correct and up to date with the school's front office, specifically email address and phone number. If the account creation still does not happen the following evening, please contact your school. Be prepared to provide your child's name and indicate that you did not receive an account email.


I am having problems accessing the sites. Is there something else to check?

You may need to lower security settings on installed security software and/or internet browser or disable any installed security software to use these applications.

Your password is case sensitive and contains both letters and numbers, so be sure to enter the username and password EXACTLY as shown in your account information email.
  • Your Portal username will look like this:
  • Your Maplewood username will look like this: P3065551212
  • It may be more reliable to copy and paste the password when you are asked to authenticate to the site. For example, a capital letter O and number zero (0), and a lowercase l and the number 1 can look very similar depending on your fonts.

I forgot my password. Can it be reset?

Yes. Please use the link at the bottom of the login window. If you have further problems, contact the front office of the school your child is attending. They will need to verify some of your information to complete the process.


Is there any data specific to my child available on the school portal?

At the moment only general school-related information is available on the portal. The following information is available on Maplewood:
  • Attendance for the current day
  • Attendance history for the current year
  • Attendance summary for the current year
  • Emergency and medical notes
  • Demographic data
  • Timetable for the current year (secondary only)
  • Course choices for the next school year (available in mid-February; secondary only)
  • Conventional marks for mid-term and final (secondary only)
  • Transcript final marks, including previous years (secondary only).

Who can I contact if I want more information or am having difficulty with my account?

Please contact your school if you are having technical problems and would like assistance, if you wish to share feedback on parent access or if you have other questions regarding parent access. 

If you email the school because you are having difficulty accessing the sites, please be sure to send the email address of the account you received your access information on. Otherwise, we cannot quickly lookup your details to provide troubleshooting.