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High school unique programs application deadline extended to May 29

April 15, 2020

Facebook Gr 11 unique programs 2020.pngThe application deadline has been extended until May 29, 2020, for four programs that offer unique, hands-on learning for high school students.

Outdoor School, Media School and the High School Carpentry Apprenticeship Program (HCAP) provide Grade 11 students (plus Grade 12 for HCAP) with the opportunity to join other students from collegiates across the city to participate in a semester-long learning experience.

The application deadline has also been extended until May 29 for Off the Grid, a half-day, full-year learning experience for Grade 9 students based at Tommy Douglas Collegiate.

Students who have a passion for the outdoors and enjoy learning from a wide range of teachers and local environmental experts will appreciate the opportunities offered by Off The Grid. Students will work alongside  motivated peers and be challenged to critically think about, and interact with, the ecosystems. Applications can be found on the program's website and can be sent to Michael Prebble at

Media School, Outdoor School and HCAP share a joint application form which is available HERE as well as on each program's website. Applications should be returned via email to the program's teachers. Email address are available on program websites.

Outdoor School is located at Walter Murray Collegiate and offers experiential learning in a collaborative environment as part of a semester-long outdoor adventure. Grade 11 students develop outdoor living skills, critical thinking and confidence as they participate in major excursions.

Students earn five academic credits in areas such as science, geography, English and physical education as they combine learning through integrated research projects with opportunities for back-country camping, canoeing, cycling, wall climbing, snowboarding and more.

Media School, based at Evan Hardy Collegiate, is a chance for Grade 11 students to spend a semester concentrating on media production. The program takes a film- and television-centered approach and course work is fully integrated with activities drawing on all five courses and emphasizing independent work, peer teaching and learning, and group projects.

Media School focuses on eight broad areas of the film and television industry: Producing, directing, writing, cinematography, audio engineering, lighting, art direction, and editing. Students will be challenged practically and academically throughout the course to a quality that is celebrated by post-secondary institutions and industry professionals.

The High School Carpentry Apprenticeship Program at Mount Royal Collegiate is open to students in both Grade 11 and Grade 12. It provides a hands-on approach to learning as students develop their skills in a real-life work environment by working with experienced tradespeople on construction projects.

Students experience the enormous pride and satisfaction that comes from completing a major project that contributes to the well-being of a family in the community. Students can gain up to 640 hours towards their apprenticeship through the apprenticeship board and the Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship Program.

More information on Outdoor SchoolMedia School and HCAP is available on the program websites.