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Saskatoon Public Schools
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Indigenous Cultural Arts and Language program open to all SPS students

September 25, 2019

artsongdance_news.jpgA program aimed at strengthening cultural awareness is playing an important role in encouraging youth who are enthusiastic about participating in Indigenous culture and sharing it with their schools and families.

The Indigenous Cultural Arts and Language program provides instruction in many aspects of Indigenous culture and arts for both elementary and high school students who attend Saskatoon Public Schools.

The program is open to all Saskatoon Public Schools students with 10 weekly sessions for both elementary and high school students.

The Indigenous Cultural Arts and Language program is part of the division's commitment to culturally responsive learning and the vital role that culture and the arts play in the development of strong learners, schools and communities. It offers instruction in pow wow dance, pow wow song and drum and Métis jigging, Métis fiddle and Indigenous arts.

For the first time in 2019, introductory Indigenous language classes were offered in Nêhiyâwiwin (Cree), Nakota, Dene, Nakwé (Saulteaux), Mètis/Michif, and Dakota/Lakota.

Participation and completion of the 10-week program qualifies high school students for the SPS Indigenous Ensemble.