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Saskatoon Public Schools
Inspiring Learning

BAM: Brain Activating Movement

March 26, 2019


At Saskatoon Public Schools, we believe movement is essential for all students to access learning. As educators, we know that a daily opportunity to exercise can have a multitude of benefits for our students.

This spring, Saskatoon Public Schools is launching Move To Grow In The Classroom, a campaign to encourage students, teachers and staff members to pursue Brain Activating Movement (BAM) twice a day.

In schools, the Move To Grow In The Classroom campaign will focus on helping our students understand how they can move their bodies to activate their heart, muscles and brain, all while enhancing their learning. Our goal is for students, parents/caregivers, teachers, staff members, and School Community Council members to view exercise as an embedded piece of the learning that takes place in our daily schooling.

Why should schools move to grow in the classroom?

Teachers are in a powerful position to facilitate neurological processes by using BAM activities to enhance academic outcomes in mathematics, reading and writing.

  • BAM activities assist students with self-regulation, allowing them to attend and focus for longer periods of instruction time.
  • BAM activities get students up and moving throughout the school day, which has a positive impact on their social, emotional and physical well-being.