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Saskatoon Public Schools
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Late French Immersion


Saskatoon Public Schools offers its Late French Immersion Program at École Alvin Buckwold, École Forest Grove and École Henry Kelsey​.
Late French Immersion allows students to begin immersive second language study at a later age. Students enter the program in Grade 6 and will graduate with a bilingual diploma upon completing Grade 12.
Students in Late French Immersion have a unique opportunity. Students in Grade 6 are fully immersed and learn the foundations of the French language using their established thinking skills. Often, they are learning language equivalents to begin to express themselves in French. Later in Grade 6, students no longer think in equivalents but begin to think in French once they have acquired a sufficient language base.
Afterwards, they continue to explore the language, build vocabulary, communicate orally with purpose, and write to explain their thoughts and learning. The ability to speak, read, and write in French is applied in all subject areas and enables students to continue to learn the French language in multiple subjects. All subject areas are taught in French except for English Language Arts.
In Grade 8, the elementary and Late French Immersion students join together to form one cohesive class. At the end of Grade 8, all students are prepared to move forward with their French language studies at the collegiate​ ​level.

For more information on our Late French Immersion program, please contact one of our Late French Immersion schools.