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Saskatoon Public Schools
Inspiring Learning

Prek2.jpgSaskatoon Public Schools offers prekindergarten programs for three- and four-year-old students at 17 schools. Prekindergarten programming is offered where children may benefit from additional supports such as speech, language, and social development programming.

Prekindergarten programs focus on the development of the whole child -- physical, social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual. In prekindergarten children experience active, experiential learning through play and a comprehensive, integrated program within a prepared environment. Students, family members and teachers work together to foster the child’s development. Prekindergarten helps children to:

  • develop language and communication skills,
  • develop problem-solving skills,
  • learn to co-operate with others,
  • make new friendships,
  • prepare for the school environment.

Schools offering prekindergarten are: Buena Vista, Caroline Robins, Caswell, Charles Red Hawk, Fairhaven, Forest Grove, Howard Coad, King George, Lester B. Pearson, Mayfair, Pleasant Hill, Princess Alexandra, Sutherland, Vincent Massey, wâhkôhtowin (formerly Confederation Park), Westmount and W.P. Bate.

Beginning with the 2021-22 school year a full-day (Monday to Thursday) prekindergarten class supported by the Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation's Early Learning Equal Start program will be offered at Caroline Robins, Caswell, Fairhaven, Howard Coad, King George, Lester B. Pearson, Mayfair, Pleasant Hill, Princess Alexandra, Sutherland, Vincent Massey, wâhkôhtowin, and W.P. Bate schools. Students who reside within the school catchment area will receive first consideration. More information is available in the prekindergarten brochure.

A full-day (Monday to Thursday) prekindergarten class supported by Métis Nation–Saskatchewan is offered at Westmount Community School.

Beginning September 2021, Buena Vista School is offering a new prekindergarten program with a focus on outdoor learning. 

Families wishing to apply for a prekindergarten program should contact the individual school. A full list of schools including contact information is available on the School Listing page. 

Early Learning Intensive Support Program

Saskatoon Public Schools is a part of the Early Learning Intensive Support Program for young children who require intensive supports to meet their potential. To apply fill out the application form and follow the included instructions for submission. 

For more information about prekindergarten programs, visit the Ministry of Education website.