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Saskatoon Public Schools
Inspiring Learning
Student Programs Overview

IMG_4078.jpgThe Brightwater Program is a powerful educational initiative which recognizes the interrelatedness of environmental, economic, social and political systems. It provides opportunities to teach and learn lessons on the land and from the land and connect students in meaningful ways to the natural environment. The on-site learning is a holistic extension of classroom curricular inquiry, follows pre-visit preparation in the classroom, and is the basis for many post-visit challenges. Native prairie ecology and Indigenous Ways of Knowing and knowledge of nature  are integral  components  of the programming at the middle years and high school levels.

Middle years programming is designed to integrate Science (ecology), Social Studies, English Language Arts, Arts Education, Physical Education, Career Education and Wellness curricula from Western and Indigenous perspectives during a one to three-day, two-night experience. For detailed information, visit the Middle Years Program. To view student projects, visit Middle Years Projects

Secondary curricula are typically accommodated through half-day and full-day experiences. The Brightwater SPS site is the base for secondary programming, however students and their teachers have access to the trail system that spans both the SPS and adjoining Salvation Army land. The Brightwater sites provide excellent opportunities for teachers to connect their students to the land in meaningful ways to meet applicable curricular outcomes within a variety of secondary courses. Opportunities for  inquiry and field studies at Brightwater in courses such as Science, Native  Studies, Art, English Language Arts, Wildlife Management, History, Math are numerous and support the Saskatoon Public Schools’ priorities of Collegiate Renewal , Literacy For Life , and our vision for cultural responsiveness. High school teachers may also choose to contact the FNIM Unit to access opportunities to engage in sweat lodge ceremony at the on-site SPS ceremonial grounds. For more detailed information, visit the Secondary Program. To view student projects, visit, Secondary Projects.

Additional programming opportunities include Brightwater's Evening Astronomy Program and visits to the Meewasin Beaver Creek Conservation Area.