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Adult Education at Royal West Campus

Royal West Campus is an adult campus where students can negotiate the pace at which they progress through their daytime course(s) to best meet their individual learning need and to ensure deep understanding of content. Royal West emphasizes an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding that lends itself to a strong sense of belonging and community

For more information about Royal West Campus, please visit the website.

​Are you a person who needs...

  • to upgrade classes to enter a post-secondary program?
  • to complete Grade 12?*
  • the flexibility to take classes while you work and/or parent?
Royal West Campus provides...
  • a unique learning opportunity for students 18 years of age or older seeking to upgrade or complete their Grade 12 requirements
  • flexible timetables to suit your needs
  • non-semestered school year (daytime classes)
  • individualized instruction
  • continuous intake of students throughout the school year until mid-March
  • onsite daycare
  • access to personal and career counselling
  • the support you need to reach your goals
Courses offered:
  • English A30, English B30, English A31 and English B31 (modified)
  • Math Foundations 20, Math Foundations 30, Math Pre-Calculus 20, Math Pre-Calculus 30, Calculus 30, Work Place Math 20, Math 21 (modified)
  • Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Physics 20, Physics 30, Science 31 (modified), Physical Science 20 and Health Science 20
  • Visual Art 30
  • Psychology 30
  • Life Transitions 30
  • History 30 and History 31 (modified), Native Studies 30, Native Studies 31
  • World Religions 30
  • Career and Work Ed 30
*Students may qualify for the Adult 12 program which enables them to complete Grade 12 classes without prerequisites.