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Ernest Lindner School
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Important Information About Registration

To meet the anticipated growth of the vibrant Hampton Village community, enrolment in Ernest Lindner School will be limited to families who reside in Hampton Village, as well as those who live in the Kensington neighbourhood.

Ernest Lindner School is expected to open with a robust student enrolment. Projections by the school division show that the student population is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. In order to properly plan for future growth, the school division is limiting enrolment to families that live in the Hampton Village neighbourhood.


Registration is now open for students planning to attend Ernest Lindner School beginning in September 2017. If your family plans to attend our school, please register as soon as possible so we can begin the transition process, including planning for an accurate number of students and hiring staff members. Our hope is to know all of our Ernest Lindner families by March 1, 2017.    

current_students.jpgParents of students who are currently attending a Saskatoon Public Schools elementary school can indicate their intention to attend Ernest Lindner School and register their student at this link.


new_students.jpgParents of students who will be entering kindergarten or who do not currently attend a Saskatoon Public Schools elementary school are asked to fill out the full registration form at this link. The form, along with the child's indentification, may be submitted in person to the Ernest Lindner School office.


Saskatoon Public Schools' elementary schools offer Kindergarten to Grade 8 for students 5 years of age to 13 years of age.

Registering for Kindergarten

Registration for Kindergarten begins in January for the next school year. Children must be 5 years old by January 31 of the school year in which they begin Kindergarten. For example, to start Kindergarten in September 2017, your child must be five years old by January 31, 2018.

Registering for all other grades

Students can register at any time during the school year (September to June). When you enroll your child/children, you must provide the school principal with documentation that verifies their age. One of the following documents may be used:

      • Certificate of Birth
      • Baptismal Certificate
      • Passport
      • Status Card

For children who have moved from another school, it's a good idea for them to bring along any documents from their last school (i.e., report cards) that will help our staff get to know your children better.

Some families, whose first language is not English, may need help with English as a Second/Additional Language (ESL/EAL). Staff at our Newcomer Student Centre will recommend support and programming for students needing EAL services. If your child is not a Canadian citizen, you will need to register through the Newcomer Student Centre. In addition, students who are new to Saskatoon Public Schools, and who do not speak English as their first language, should visit our Newcomer Student Centre located at 310 21st Street East in downtown Saskatoon. Call 683-8400 for an appointment.

The individual school principal is responsible for the decision on the admission of students to schools.