Late Tuition Payment Fees

Attending Semester (returning students only) Due Date
September 2016 ​June 1, 2016
​February 2017 December 1, 2016
​September 2017 ​June 1, 2017
​February 2018 ​December 1, 2017

Tuition paid after the above dates will be subject to a 2% late fee ($230) for each month following the due date. (Example: Student A pays September tuition on August 4. Student A must pay an additional $690 in late fees).


Students who do not pay tuition by the due date risk being removed from the program.


Late Arrival Fees 

All new students are expected to attend Welcome Week. Please wait until you have received information about Welcome Week dates before booking your flight. Welcome Week dates will be stated in the Pre-departure Manual which is emailed in May and December.